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TCS CodeVita 2015 Round 2 : ISL Schedule

Problem : ISL Schedule
(Repeated in CodeVita 2016 Round 1)

The Indian Soccer League (ISL) is an annual football tournament.
The group stage of ISL features N teams playing against each other with following set of rules:
  1. N teams play against each other twice - once at Home and once Away
  2. A team can play only one match per day
  3. A team cannot play matches on consecutive days
  4. A team cannot play more than two back to back Home or Away matches
  5. Number of matches in a day has following constraints
    • The match pattern that needs to be followed is -
      • Day 1 has two matches and Day 2 has one match,
      • Day 3 has two matches and Day 4 has one match and so on
    • There can never be 3 or more matches in a day
  6. Gap between two successive matches of a team cannot exceed floor(N/2) days where floor is the mathematical function floor()
  7. Derby Matches (any one)
    • At least half of the derby matches should be on weekend
    • At least half of the weekend matches should be derby matches
Your task is to generate a schedule abiding to above rules. 

Input Format:

First line contains number of teams (N).
Next line contains state name of teams, delimited by space
Output Format:

Match format: Ta-vs-Tb
where Ta is the home team with id a and Tb is the away team with id b.
The final ascii string should contain all characters as in the provided input, at least once.
For each day print the match(es) in following format:-
  • Two matches:- "#D Ta-vs-Tb Tm-vs-Tn"
  • One match:- "#D Tx-vs-Ty"
where D is the day id and [a, b, m, n, x, y] are team ids. 

1. 8 <= N <= 100
Note : 
  • Team ids are unique and have value between 1 to N
  • Day id starts with 1
  • Every 6th and 7th day are weekends
  • Derby is a football match between two teams from the same state

Sample Input and Output

S1 S2 S5 S4 S3 S1 S6 S6

#1 T1-vs-T6 T3-vs-T5
#2 T7-vs-T4
#3 ... and so on


There are 8 teams with following information:- 
Team ID12345678
State NameS1S2S5S4S3S1S6S6

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