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TCS CodeVita 2015 Round 2 : Alpha Numeric Sorting

Problem : Alpha Numeric Sorting

Given text comprising of words and numbers, sort them both in ascending order and print them in a manner that a word is followed by a number. Words can be in upper or lower case. You have to convert them into lowercase and then sort and print them.
Input Format:

First line contains total number of test cases, denoted by N
Next N lines, each contains a text in which words are at odd position and numbers are at even position and are delimited by space
Output Format:

Words and numbers sorted in ascending order and printed in a manner that a word is followed by a number.
1. Text starts with a word
2. Count of words and numbers are the same.
3. Duplicate elements are not allowed 
4. Words should be printed in lower case. 
5. No special characters allowed in text.

Sample Input and Output

Sagar 35 sanjay 12 ganesH 53 ramesh 19
Ganesh 59 suresh 19 rakesh 26 laliT 96

ganesh 12 ramesh 19 sagar 35 sanjay 53
ganesh 19 lalit 26 rakesh 59 suresh 96

Please do not use package and namespace in your code. For object oriented languages your code should be written in one class.

Participants submitting solutions in C language should not use functions from / as these files do not exist in gcc

For C and C++, return type of main() function should be int.

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