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TCS Open Source Hackathon - Decrypt the Real World!

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TCS Has announced TCS Open Source Hackathon - Decrypt the Real World!, a platform to use open source technologies to solve real world challenges in

  1. Swatch Bharat: a portal with content related to education on hygiene, facts & figures, citizen services, links to appropriate authorities, including action taken report, etc.
  2. Education: bringing education to the lower strata of society / institution, digital consumption of education, identifying the gaps in education in India for authorities to take corrective action, etc.
  3. Environment & Health Safety: app to motivate employee to follow ergonomics or road safety, portal for measuring & analyzing environmental parameters, app for site safety inspection, app for water footprint calculator(with real and virtual water accounting), app for carbon footprint calculation, app to facilitate carpooling among a company’s associates etc.

Who can participate?

The contest is open to students from batches of 2017, 2018, 2019from all the relevant institutes in India. Students will need to register on TCS Campus Commune Portal for taking part in the contest. Each team should have 3 members.
Till when can I register?
Last date for team registration on Campus Commune is 27th Nov 2016. Select a theme and submit the details on features, novelty and how the application affects the stakeholders. Top 10 teams will be short-listed based on this round, across all zones, which will move to the Final Round.
What do I win and how does it help me?
Apart from prize money of INR 20K for winner and INR 10K for 1st runner up, all members of the winning teams at the Grand Finale will have an opportunity of an internship with the TCS Open Source Group and/or Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety (ESHS) team. There would also be a special awards from Liferay including goodie bag and Kindles.
That means Goodies plus Internship plus prize money!!! Now isn’t that a #jackpot!!!
Still reading!! Hurry and register on the below link and remember early birds always catch the fish!!!
  • Students will need to Register on TCS Campus Commune/NexStep for taking part in the contest.
  • Each team should have 3 members.
  • Once contest registrations begin, all interested participants will be required to register for the contest on ‘Campus Commune’.
  • The team should choose a team name and the team leader.
  • During registration, the team leader should ‘Nominate’ self as the Team leader and also ‘Nominate’ his/her Team Members. It is the responsibility of the Team Members to ‘Accept’ the nomination/invitation.
  • In case a Team Member rejects a Nomination, the Team Leader will be able to send a new request to another registered member from the institute.
  • The team will be formed once all nominated members ‘Accept’ their nominations.
  • The team leader of each legitimate team will be our contact for any communication with respect to the contest, who in turn will be responsible for updating the respective team members.
  • The team can be from the same discipline or may be inter-disciplinary.
  • Teams have to be from the same college/ institute.
  • Team composition to remain same throughout the contest. Movement within teams is not allowed and will lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • The infrastructure expenses required for the development of the solution shall be borne by the respective teams or the institutions they represent. TCS will not be liable for any loss or possible damage to the infrastructure which may be caused by participants during the contest.
  • Entries submitted after the round/contest end date will not be considered for evaluation.
  • In the final stage of the contest, each selected team would need to demonstrate the final solution for addressing the chosen problem.
  • Teams are advised to make own arrangements for travel to and from the location of the Grand Finale at VJTI.
You fully indemnify and hold us (Tata Consultancy Services Limited) harmless for and against all damages, losses, and costs that might be caused by:
Your failure to comply with the terms of the above agreement
Third party claim(s) of their rights and IPR being violated/effected by your article(s) submitted to us.
Phase 1
Participant Registration & Team Formation

Please Note:
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Mon Nov 14 2016 16:00 Hrs
Ends: Sun Nov 27 2016 23:45 Hrs
Members per Team: 3
 This phase is now closed.

Phase 2
Please Note:
Round Type: Uploading Article
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Mon Nov 28 2016 00:00 Hrs
Ends: Wed Nov 30 2016 23:45 Hrs
Bounty Type: 500
Number to be Short-listed: 10
 This phase is now closed.
Qualification Round
  • Select a theme and submit the details on features, novelty and how the application affects the stakeholders.
  • Top 10 teams will be short-listed based on this round, across all zones, which will move to the Final Round (Round 2).
Team lead has to upload a submission for this round.
Acceptable File formats : .pptx
Maximum File Size: 9.0MB

Phase 3
Please Note:
Round Type: Other
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Fri Dec 23 2016 09:30 Hrs
Ends: Fri Dec 23 2016 15:30 Hrs
Bounty Type: 1000
Number to be Short-listed:
 This phase is closed.
Development Of Working Model And Presentation Grand Finale
The total duration to develop the working model will be around 3 weeks.
At the end of the fourth week, the teams will be required to submit the following:
  1. A crisp presentation of the idea & technical solution
  2. Demonstrable Solution
Subsequently, all the teams will be called in VJTI (date and venue to be announced) where each team will be required to demonstrate the proposition along with the demonstration of the application created to the Jury.
The Final round would include:
  • Demonstration of the solution : 15 minutes
- Teams shall bring all required supporting models, illustrations etc., to support the proposition
- Teams will be required to bring their own devices for the demonstration
- The solution should not deviate from the idea submitted in Round 1. Any team found to have deviated from the original idea submitted, will be disqualified
  • Q&A on business presentation: 10 minutes
The evaluations will be based on:
  • Originality
  • Technology Leverage
  • Impact
  • Practicality
  • Generalisability
  • Safety
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Timeline Feasibility
  • Acceptance

To register for the Contest: