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A Complete guide to get through TCS Placement

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If you are appearing for TCS Placement and have no clear idea on how to prepare different section viz. Verbal Ability Test, Analytical Ability Test, Interview (T.R., M.R. & H.R. rounds) then this post is for you!
Have you made up your mind?
Have you made up your mind to kick start your career in IT industry? If the answer of this question is other than yes then believe me you are taking wrong path. Even if you get offer letter, you will struggle a lot to survive in this industry and often think of quitting. If you are appearing in TCS Placement just for getting a job and not to join then don't appear. You might be snatching opportunity of needy aspirants.

Where to start?

Yes, I have made up my mind! Now where to start?
If you are appearing for TCS Placement then you need to know all about it's Placement Process. Being strong in your branch paper is not enough to get the so called offer letter. You have to be prepared to face every section of it's Placement Process. So I will walk you through it's different section!

TCS Placement Process
TCS Placement process consists of two rounds :


Written round consist of Verbal Ability Test and Analytical Ability Test.

Personal Interview

Personal Interview consists of three rounds T.R. , M.R. and H.R. .
Written round : Verbal Ability Test

Verbal Ability Test

In Verbal Ability Test, you need to write an email according to a given scenario using the phrases given.

How to qualify Verbal Ability Test?

  • Use all phrases given in the outline. If you do not know the proper use of any phrase then use that phrase in any simple sentence. Do not worry about meaning of that sentence but do not make arbitrary sentences using all phrases.
  • Use proper salutation :
    • Dear sir
    • Dear Mr. Verma (if Verma is the surname of the person you are writing email to)
    • Dear Vikash (if Vikash is the first name of the person you are writing email to)
  • Number of words must be greater than 50 as given in the instruction. Keep you email between 70 to 80 words, it is considered ideal. Keep it simple and avoid using long sentences.
  • Avoid any spelling mistakes. Proofread your email for any spelling mistakes. If you do not remember spelling of any word then don't use that word.
  • Use proper form of leave-taking :
    • Regards
    • Thanks
    • Thanks and regards
  • Sign the email with your name as given in the question. Do not worry, they always give name in the question itself.
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Written round : Analytical Ability Test


Analytical Ability Test

Analytical Ability Test consists of 30 questions to be solved in 80 minutes. Questions level varies from simple to complex. Star marked questions are a bit tough.

How to qualify Analytical Ability Test?

  • Prepare all sections of aptitude as questions are randomly chosen from different sections. Preparing for a few sections is not enough.
  • Read instructions properly to see if there are any sudden changes in the format of questions.
  • Start solving from first question. Leave a question if you have any confusion. You can always come back and solve that question.
  • Remember, solved, unsolved and marked for review questions appear differently on questions bar. See the legends above question bar for more information. This may help in navigating through unsolved questions.
  • If you have solved 20 question then proceed cautiously because a single mistake may be costly.
  • Solve star marked questions only if you are confident. These questions are multi-conceptual and time consuming and carry higher marks.
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Personal Interview


Personal Interview : T.R. + M.R. + H.R.

Personal Interview consists of three rounds T.R. , M.R. and H. R. . If you get through written tests then chances are high to clear personal interview. You will be interviewed by three people in a single round. They may call you for another round if TCS's terms and conditions, Job location preference etc. questions are no asked in first round. So don't worry, second round, if any, is HR round.

How to get through Interview?

Before reading further, read my another post on How to Answer HR interview questions!
  • Be prepared to face the interview.

    By prepared means :
    • Carrying all the required documents.
    • Arriving on or before time for Interview.

    • Wearing attractive but not eye catching cloths.
    • Answering well for common Interview Questions :
      • Tell me about yourself?
      • What are your strengths?
      • What are your weaknesses?
      • What are your hobbies?
      • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
      • Why should I hire you?
      • Why TCS?
  • Be Confident. Be confident while answering any question. They might ask you same questions multiple time to check you confidence. So be confident in what you say. If you do not know answer of any question then say politely that you don't know. Don't try to confuse them by answering wrong and justifying thereafter. Interviewers are smarter than you. So don't try any trick.
  • Ask questions. If they ask you to ask question then ask at least a question. This tells interview that you are truly interested in this job. If you don't ask any question then it raises doubt in interviewer's mind :
    • Is he/she truly interested?
    • Did he/she understand what I was saying?
    • What is he/she thinking?
    Eliminating any of these questions from interviewer's mind is the best solution to grab the job and leaving the interviewer confident about his decision.
  • In Technical Round, you will be asked basic question from you branch papers. So take a quick look of your branch papers before appearing. Try answering with giving examples to convince them.
  • In Managerial Round, you will be asked managerial questions. So try to give a diplomatic answer. If they insist in knowing your view then tell what you think honestly and justify your answer.
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