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A Few Tips to Crack CodeVita 2014

-> Freshen up your data structure (stack, queue, linked list, graph etc ) and algorithm (Greedy, Divide and Conquer etc. ) concepts.

-> Revise API of your programming language.

->Solve previous year CodeVita’s question to get an overview of the problems asked in Codevita. Check previous year CodeVita’s questions here : and
->You must form the team before the deadline in order to participate in CodeVita 2014.

->Result depends on the following factors
Number of participants in a particular time interval.
Average number of question solved by a team.
Questions solved by maximum team.
Question solved by least team.
Complex problem (typically memory management related problems).

So, If a person solves only one problem and the number of participant are very few in that interval than he might qualify for the next round.

These are my interpretation based on experience of previous year’s CodeVita  and interaction with CodeVita 2013 organizing team thereafter.

->The contest will start on August 13, 2014 and last for 24 hours. The exact time will be displayed on Campus Commune a few days before.

->Every team will get 6 hour only within 24 hour time frame. If a team logins after last 6 hour then he will get remaining time only(not 6 hour ). Choose a proper 6 hour interval when you are free.

-> Properly set
coding environment on your machine.

-> Don’t use conio.h or process.h header file and related function if you are programming in C as these header files do not belong to gcc.

-> Each team member can separately login and submit the solution. So you can work on your individual machine and submit the solution.

-> You will get easy to complex problems. So identify the problem which you can solve first and later moves to complex one.

->Strictly follow the input/output format. You may find spelling mistakes and wrong order of input in test cases. Don’t bother, apply your common sense if you really want to solve that problem.

->Your result might not appear instantly due to heavy traffic so wait for a while to see the result or solve other problem in the mean time.

-> The programming environment is not as great as HackerRank or CodeChef. So you might not see the leader board. Although you may see number of users attempting a particular question which gets updated very slowly.

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