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11 Lessons I Learned at College

  1. Make friends.  

    You should make friends. Remember friendship happens between people with similar taste. No two people have same set of taste but they might agree on most. You will end up chasing your dream, studying, playing or doing useless stuff unless you have a friend. Eventually you will be alone. You will end up losing a number of things that require team work. Others will have friend to accomplish that. Friends should be very few and well chosen because they will affect you the most.
    Ideally, what would really make you happy is having friends and people who are as passionate as you are, or more!    

  2. Learn from others.

    Everyone has different set of qualities. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t. You can learn from others and improve yourself. Never shy to learn from others. Only then you can surpass others.

  3. Question yourself?
    It is important to question yourself. Because the right question at the right time can make a difference. You can learn a lot by questioning yourself.  One of my friends Rehman once said, After completing something, just ask yourself "NEXT IS WHAT?" You'll find a list of things to try. Pick one and stick to it until completion. You now know what to do next!” .

  4. Identify your potential. 

    It is important to identify your potential. Say yourself, “I can”. And yes you can. Inside you are extreme potential, set up a goal and work for it. You will eventually fall and end up where you started.  Remember we can always start all over again.

  5. Always do something.

       It does not mean you have to work 24 hours in a day. In spare time, pursue your hobby, build something, learn something new or improve existing one. Remember,   
    if you want something you never had then do something you never did.”

  6. Fight for your right.

    Sometime you will have to fight for your right. The world is not fair to everyone so fight when it is getting worse.

  7. You might fall in love and end up fooling yourself!

    We come across a different kind of people and eventually fall in love with someone. But it does not mean he/she has same feeling for you. So if it is not working in the beginning it would never work. Stop pretending yourself being loved, because you might end up embarrassing yourself. If this happens then do not let that hamper you from loving someone.  Life is a journey and we have to catch the right bus that will take us to the destination.

  8. Your friend will change. 
    Changing is the law of nature. People are not always same. They change; you have changed or would change. Don’t dive into deep, time and environment changes everything, so admit it.  But remember one thing,       

    “ make new friends but don’t forget the old ”

  9. Never ever give up.

    Sometime life knocks us down, but we can always choose, whether or not, to get back up. At least we can give a try. Remember the famous quote by Shiv Khera
    “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.”

  10. This will go away.

    Nothing is permanent here. Do not be too happy or too sad because all of these are just for a moment, all of this will go away. Last few days at college were quite depressing for me, but BIT has inculcated in me to tackle all the problems because whatever happens life must go on.

  11. You will lose your beloved.
    You will lose touch with your friends, it’s natural, so let them go. Their part in your story is now over. So let them go. 

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