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Review : CodeVita 2013

So now the contest is about to end. I think there is no problem in talking about round 1 of CodeVita 2013. The overall problems were good but there were several typing mistakes which caused a lot of confusion to participants. The test cases must be awesome. First two problems were easy and then started tougher problems. In the last two problem, it was difficult for me to manage memory as the problems were to read data from file and to reach out to solution. There were different sets of question depending upon the time of login but the difficulty level were almost same for each set as my friend told me. Sometimes my solution was uploaded but there was no submission detail for that. Yeah, I know there was a lot of traffic but each of the submitted solution should be judged.  I tried my best to reach out to solutions. The mystery will be clear after a while.   I will start posting my solutions soon. Stay tuned... :D

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