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Aspirations 2020 : A Programming Contest organized by Infosys

So here goes a great opportunity for you guys pursuing engineering or MCA and in second year or above. SO get ready to show your algorithmic and programming skill. This contest is organized by campus connect team of Infosys and sponsored by Infosys Limited. You will get a certificate also.This is a team event and there must be at least two members in the team. A team can comprise of at most three members. I suggest you to have three members in the team because each team members helps when need arises.I participated in Aspirations 2020 last year and won at college level. I visited Infosys Bhubaneswar Development Centre for DC round . It was a memorable moment for me. We could not qualify for final round but had a great experience. I will be posting problems and solutions of college round of last year Aspirations 2020 so keep visiting this site.

The schedule of this year Aspirations 2020 are as follows :

Briefing to colleges & college level campaigns1st & 2nd weeks of September, 2013 at your college
Registration Start Date Teasers1st & 2nd weeks of September, 2013
Registration End DateWednesday, 25th September, 2013
College Round1st Week of October, 2013 at your college
DC FinalsWednesday, 17th October, 2013 at Infosys Development Centre of your region (check at contest website)

The registration are open now. So what are you waiting for? Register your team and prepare yourself for a journey which will evaluate you what you know and what you can present when need of them arises because being only bookish worm can not get you a grand new gift sponsored by Infosys Limited. So register your self at and get ready to show your programming and algorithmic skill.

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  2. Can you tell more about DC round.. Like qns type... Topics to prepare... Tips... And other information like what can we do there beyond coding...

    1. Revise basic algorithm and programming concepts.
      Sometimes it check your knowledge of programming
      and sometimes your algorithmic skill. This time it is
      being organized in collaboration with Amrita, so you
      might face problems based on ACM ICPC pattern... :)

  3. is there national round in this year 2014?

    1. Since 2013, there is no national round.

      Do send your college round questions to