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ISL Schedule: TCS CodeVita 2016 Question

Problem : ISL Schedule

The Indian Soccer League (ISL) is an annual football tournament.
The group stage of ISL features N teams playing against each other with following set of rules:
  1. N teams play against each other twice - once at Home and once Away
  2. A team can play only one match per day
  3. A team cannot play matches on consecutive days
  4. A team cannot play more than two back to back Home or Away matches
  5. Number of matches in a day has following constraints
    • The match pattern that needs to be followed is -
      • Day 1 has two matches and Day 2 has one match,
      • Day 3 has two matches and Day 4 has one match and so on
    • There can never be 3 or more matches in a day
  6. Gap between two successive matches of a team cannot exceed floor(N/2) days where floor is the mathematical function floor()
  7. Derby Matches (any one)
    • At least half of the derby matches should be on weekend
    • At least half of the weekend matches should be derby matches
Your task is to generate a schedule abiding to above rules. 

Input Format:

First line contains number of teams (N).
Next line contains state ID of teams, delimited by space
Output Format:

Match format: Ta-vs-Tb
where Ta is the home team with id a and Tb is the away team with id b.
For each day print the match(es) in following format:-
  • Two matches:- "#D Ta-vs-Tb Tm-vs-Tn"
  • One match:- "#D Tx-vs-Ty"
where D is the day id and [a, b, m, n, x, y] are team ids. 

1. 8 <= N <= 100
Note : 
  • Team ids are unique and have value between 1 to N
  • Day id starts with 1
  • Every 6th and 7th day are weekends
  • Derby is a football match between two teams from the same state

Sample Input and Output

1 2 5 4 3 1 6 6

#1 T1-vs-T6 T3-vs-T5
#2 T7-vs-T4
#3... and so on

Note:- There can be multiple correct answers for the same test cases. For better understanding of test case refer this 
PDF. This PDF contains one of the correct answer for a test case. 


There are 8 teams with following information:- 

Team ID12345678
State ID12543166

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