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How to answer HR interview questions

Campus placement has become the largest parameter of judging a student in college.   If you get it you are successful and if not, you already know.

So you are in final year now
preparing for placement.  It might be your first interview and you are worried about how all things will go in the interview. We are here with a few tips to help you answer the questions smartly and grab the so called “Offer Letter”.

Your seniors might have told you their experiences and you might have ample idea about all the stuff. Still if you have any doubt answering the HR questions or what should be the proper answer. This post is for you.

Here we have listed a few questions that are very common and asked in every interview. Make sure you do not mess up with these questions.

1. Tell me about yourself.

Possible answer 1:

I am an extrovert who interacts well with people. I like to set goals for myself and accomplish them. I am very persistent. These qualities have got me particularly well noticed during my college years. I have had a good academic record so far.

Possible questions from your answer:

Q1. What goals have you set for yourself?
Q2. Can you give me an example where you have shown persistence?
Q3. Can you give an example where your interpersonal skills got you noticed in the             

Possible answer 2:

I am a simple guy who believes that hard work is key to success. Since childhood I liked computer that’s why I opted Computer Science. I started programming when I was in class eleven. In college I started participating in various programming contests. I have won several contests with my friends. I spend my spare time in surfing internet, programming and blogging.

Possible questions from your answer:

Q1. What is your favourite programming language?
Q1. Rate yourself on a scale of 10 in your favourite programming language.
Q3. Name a few programming contests you won.
Q4. What do you explore on internet?
Q5. Name 5 websites, you visit most.

Possible Answer 3:

I am a fun loving person, who believes in living life as it comes. I am very fond of classical music and have acquired a professional degree in this also. Playing online chess is my favourite pastime. I believe Internet is the future of human civilization and would love to see myself as a successful Marketing Manager.

Possible questions from your answer:

Q1. Tell me the name of three international chess players?
Q2. What is castling in chess?
Q3. Which websites do you visit most?
Q4. Why do you want to be a Marketing Manager?
Q5. Tell me 5 traits of a good marketing Manager.

Avoid such kind of answers:

I am Abc, currently pursuing B.Tech from Xyz University. I have scored 95% in class ten and 97 % in class 12. I am currently working at XYZ limited as a developer.

Such kind of answers can ruin your first impression. All these details are mentioned
in your CV and there is no point on reciting same things again. Also avoid using abbreviations and take care of grammar.

2. Have you brought your resume?

Yes. (Be prepared with two or three extra copies. Do not offer them unless you are asked for one.)

3. What are your strengths?

* Always back up your Qualities / Strengths with Examples even without being
asked to.

* With the help of stories & examples stick into the interviews mind , prove to them
you have ability you are claiming.

Possible answer:

I am hard working. As I said earlier, I set goals for myself and accomplish them. Whatever be the condition I never ever give up because I think, “where there is will, there is at least a way”

Possible answer 3:

My greatest strength includes my analytic approach, my strong logic and my patience.

4. What are your weaknesses?

* Always backup your weakness with an example that how you are working to
overcome it.

Possible answer 1:

In the past, I had some trouble sharing responsibilities with others. I felt I could do things better and faster myself. This sometimes backfired because I would end up with more work than I could handle and quality of my work suffers.(back up with Example).But I have learnt from my mistakes and am consciously trying to be a team leader.

Possible Answer 2:

When I do my task then sometimes I stick to it continuously such that I forget what is going on in surrounding. But I am working on it and trying to avoid doing same thing continuously for longer hours.

Possible answer 3:

My greatest strength includes my analytic approach, my strong logic and my patience.

5. Why should we hire you?

* Back up your answer with previous project / experience where you displayed excellence.

Possible answer 1:

I am very optimistic and hard working. Whatever be the condition I never ever give up.  Others might be more intelligent than me but if they are not hard working then what’s the use of their talent. I sincerely believe “Hard work beats talent if talent does not work hard.”

Possible answer 2:

Because I sincerely believe that I am well suited for this job. I realize there are other college students who have ability to do this job but it will be difficult to find someone with the degree of work ethics I have (example). I also bring an additional quality that makes me very best person for the job, my thirst for excellence. Not just striving excellence, but putting every part of myself into achieving it.

Possible answer 3:

Since you have now evaluated me on all your benchmarks, I believe you would know better if I should be selected for the profile or not. As from my side, my job is my passion and that’s a one word summary of my candidature.

6. If not selected today, what will be your future course of actions?

* This is the second check point for your practical instincts. Here the interviewer is analyzing your approach toward failures.

Possible answer:

I believe in Learning from my mistakes. Likewise, if I am not selected today, I will keep trying until I get the job because I think,  ”where there is will, there is at least a way”.  I will kindly request you to tell me my shortcomings so that I can go back, work on those and sit again in front of you (obviously if rules allow) to turn my failure into success.

7. What is more important to you money or work?

Possible answer:

Money and work both are like siblings/money and work both are important to me. But I also believe when you work hard, money will flow to you. So work has a slighter greater edge than money.

8. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

* Here, the interviewer wants to check your instincts. He wants to know whether you
are a practical person or a day dreamer. This question is to check your planning
skills. Avoid giving answers like “CEO of this organization or HOD of a department.”
If you are an executive, Manager is the maximum you can attain in five years.

Possible answer:

Although it is difficult to predict things far in future, I know the directions I want to develop towards. Within five years, I would like to become the very best (Talk about the position you would be joining in as) your company has. My goal is to become an expert that others can rely upon. In making the most of the position (Position of interest for you), my hope is that I will be fully prepared to take on any challenges with greater responsibilities that might be presented in the long term.

9. Is there anything you would like to ask?

* This is the second level of your professionalism test. Many of you may consider this as the simplest of all questions in an interview.

But to your surprise, this is the most important tool for an interviewer to verify your candidature so far. He wants to know whether your answers are a result of “overnight preparation” or you actually own that sense of professionalism. Avoid asking things like “How is the incentive structure”

Possible questions that can be asked:

Q1. Can you please tell me how I fared compared to the other candidates that you have interviewed?

Q2. What work will be assigned to me?

Q3. What will be my career path in the company?

10. Why do you want to join this company?

*Here you need to explain why the company best fits as per your qualifications. Why the company is ideal for your future. Why you are ideal for the company. You can praise the company by telling them their achievement, work environment etc. You need to portray positive traits of the company. All these things can be found in the company website.

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