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Mu Sigma ( MuPhoria ) Interview Experience

Well it was not my campus  interview but I got the opportunity through MuPhoria, a programming turned problem solving contest organized by Mu Sigma each year starting from July month and lasts till December . 

The contest ended in December and I got a call for Interview in last week of January. The interview was scheduled for February 20.  I was invited along with my friend Mayank. They mailed us flight tickets. That was first flight of my life and I really enjoyed travelling. In fact they make you feel special. I was accompanied by other winner at Bangalore airport and reached 4th floor of Mu Sigma Building at Kalyani Platina .

The process started with a short slide show telling journey of Mu Sigma and the milestones achieved by the company. Arpitha told us that same procedure would be followed as in a campus recruitment.

So the process started with aptitude test. Each one of us was given a set of 25 questions to be solved in 35 minutes. I solved around 13 question. I could have solved more but I didn’t take a chance in questions having a little doubt.  After that Video Synthesis and Case Study round started. I was totally unaware of  Video Synthesis and Case Study round, yet I tried my best. Actually things came up in an unusual manner in January and February so I was not prepared to face the interview. In Video synthesis round, there was a short video clip of a Hollywood movie I don’t know.  They asked us not to summarize but write key take way from the video shown. The case study was based on a company providing service in electronics goods like TV, Computer, Mobile etc. for 1 year, 2 year or 3 year.  Certain set of data were available like customer’s feedback, subscription of each plan etc.  

We had to answer the questions as follows :
          1.     What five important questions can be asked from this?              
          2.     What according to you are the three set of data not already provided?

After this We had lunch at Mu Sigma Canteen. Now we were give a set of papers to write personal information.  One who finished first got call for interview first. As soon as I completed, I was called for interview in a separate room.  My HR  had all of my answer sheets along with my CV . The very first question asked was “Tell my about yourself” .  As I started telling he started looking at my answer sheets. After I finished, He stroked another question from probability. I answered but was wrong as I missed one key information. Actually he asked question from several areas like math, business and a few puzzle like water jug problem & The Bar of Gold problem . Although I had not solved these problems before I did well there. This round of interview lasted around 40 to 45 minutes.

As soon as the first round finished, the second round began. In this round I was asked question from programming, data structure, algorithms and java ( This is perhaps because my stream is CS )  . He asked me about my favourite data structure. I told  “Graph” and explained the applications of same in real time like in social networking website .  This round also went well , I would rate myself 8 out of 10 in this round.

Now third round started and I was asked mostly HR questions apart from a few technical questions.

Other winners of MuPhoria were also getting interview in different rooms.  It was 4:40 PM when my last round interview finished. They got us a cab to leave us to airport. We returned back on the same day and received the offer within one week.

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  1. i am gonna sit in mu sigma placement interview by this week, information you provided above is very useful, i need an example for video synthesis round with an example , please elaborate and what will you write if you see 5 min in climax of titanic movie(just to understand clearly)

    1. Watch the trailer of "The Pursuit of Happiness "

      Do not you think these are key take away...?

      0) Never ever give up.
      1) We can always choose whether or not to get back up.
      2) True happiness is not found in words.
      3) Where there is will there is a way.

      Hope you can answer your own questions.

  2. how to answer case study questions?