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Data Entry System

This is just the fun project developed using servlet, AJAX and JDBC. I developed  Data Entry System as a part of the internship application for  Techsys Software and Solution.

This is exactly what  I was asked for :

You may create desktop/web application based on the given below specification- 

There must be two types of user
First user must be Data Entry Operator(he must be able to log in with user name and password as DEO),he must be able to enter all the data of students that is
2>Roll no
5>Year of admission
6>Phone no
8>Email id

Please note,DEO must be able to edit/delete all these information any time if required
There must also be search bar where DEO can type roll no,branch,Phone no or anything and can get that student profile.
Second type of user will be student,by default his username and password will be his roll no.
When student log in first time he will automatically redirected to page where he can set his password and give security question and security answer
And student must be able to see all the info entered by DEO.

Download the project here.

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