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The qualification round of Facebook Hacker Cup has been started in India at 5:30 AM IST . The registration process is open until qualification round lasts. Click here to register. The Registration process is quite easy; one needs to provide certain details like name, address, telephone and T-Shirt size too. This is quite amazing and I too want to grab this T-Shirt.

The qualification round consists of three problems, and any participant solving at least one problem correctly will qualify to first official round. There is a set of three problems in qualification round viz. “Beautiful Strings”, “Balanced Smileys” and “Find the min” carrying 20,35 and 45 points respectively. Although all things are working fine but two problems are being faced by the programmers:

1)     The second test case in the first problem is being wrapped up in some of browsers.
2) Few geeks are facing problem while downloading input test case due to “Kivuto Secure Download Manager.

Two of the three problems are quite easy and third one is little bit difficult for large test cases. I solved two out of three problems  in a easy way and third solution takes at least 7 to 8 minutes to generate output  for large inputs. My best rank was 425 when I solved first and second problem.

Below, There are links to the problems and my solutions:

3)Find the Min

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