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TCS Interview Experience 2017

Shared by : Sumit
College : BIT Sindri
Year : 2017

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Hello friends,
I am Sumit Kr Thakur, B. Tech final year student from BIT SINDRI Dhanbad. 

I would like to share the placement experience process that I went through for TCS.

TCS visited our campus on 31st October and 1st November for the intake of 2018 passing out batch of B. Tech and M.Tech.

The whole placement process was divided into the following rounds :-

1. Written test consisting of 4 rounds.
  a) Email writing - 10 min (Take the test here: )
  b) Quantitative aptitude - 40 min(Take the test here: )
  c) MCQ based on C programming language:- 20min
  d) simple coding in C - 20 min

2) Interview

The students who had secured more than 75% in 10th and 12th and >=8.1 CGPA till 6th Semester did not had to give the quantitative aptitude section.

Since I had the CGPA greater than 8.1 and >75% in my academics throughout hence I started with email writing. I had to write a mail to my colleague congratulating him on his research paper getting published. It was mandatory to use and link the keywords provided by the company.
The entire written test is conducted on Touchstone platform created by the TCS itself.
Then I was taken through the MCQ round in C. 10 Questions 20 minutes.

Questions were on basic C concepts such as files, I/O Union array structure etc.  and few questions were output based.

The last was simple coding round. However there were some instructions as not to use the scanf, getc, getch etc  and the input had to be in the form of command line arguments.
The questions that were asked are :-
1. To find the area of a triangle given its diameter
2. To find all the prime numbers upto n and print its square root correct to two places of Decimal and if not prime then print "0.00"

3. Print sum of all odd numbers within a given range.

Finally, I had interview round. They were impressed with my resume and asked basic questions like what I did in internship and coding contests apart from other computer science questions.

Do tell us you experience here:

HackQuest: TCS Ethical Hacking Contest

Here goes a bright opportunity for UG/PG/BCA students passing out in 2017. TCS has launch a new contest HackQuest with prizes like Kindle as well as job offers with TCS' Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM) Unit.

Eligibility Criteria: Open for Technical UG, PG & BCA students of 2017 batch with specialization in Computer Science, IT and Circuit Branches (Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication, Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Electronics, Electronics & Instrumentation and Instrumentation)

Why should you participate?

Compete with the brightest ethical hackers across India. Embark on a path to become a future cyber security professional and for making a mark in the Risk Management space. Use tools like portswigger. Skill-up and get a head-start for an exciting career, in an ever-connected digital world that demands agility like never before.

What do you win?

Job Offers with TCS' Enterprise Security & Risk Management (ESRM) Unit for top hackers along with other prizes like kindles.

Register yourself now!

If you are a registered member of Campus Commune, Login ( and subscribe to ESRM Channel.
If you are NOT registered on campus commune, Register first on and then launch Campus Commune.


Does problem solving excite you? Is programming your calling? Do you want to join a vibrant community of passionate women technologists? Then here’s what you can do.

ThoughtWorks is a community of passionate individuals whose purpose is to revolutionize software design, creation and delivery, while advocating for positive social change. We are committed to making work amazing for women like you, by being supportive and the right kind of challenging; where assignments, recognition and promotions are ungendered.
Entry Criteria:
  • Experience Range: 0 to 2 years
  • Working knowledge of one or more of the following programming languages:
    • C++, Java, C#, Ruby, Python or Scala
  • Register with your complete details through the below form. 
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive an invite for an in-person interview at their nearest ThoughtWorks location.
Last Date for Registration: 31st January, 2017 (Tuesday)

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Smart India Hackathon 2017

Government of India has announced Smart India Hackathon 2017, world's biggest Hackathon event. However only students registered in a college/institute can participate.

There are total 574 problem statement from different government departments. Submission can be made on any of the given problem statement. Find below the terms & conditions of the Hackathon.

Terms & Conditions – Smart India Hackathon 2017
How to register for Smart India Hackathon 2017?
  • Visit
  • For Registration on MyGov, Click on Register.(
  • Fill the required detail in the account creation form. Click on “Create new account” button after filling all the details:
  • Full Name – Enter the full name.
  • Email – Enter email id by which user want to create the account.
  • Country – Select country from the drop down.
  • Mobile Number – Enter the mobile number without country code. Mobile number is not a required field and system sends different OTP to email and mobile while registration.
  • Complete Registration using OTP (One Time Password) sent on email id– This OTP would be valid only for five minutes. If user has not got OTP, then option of resending OTP is auto generated after 60 seconds. Enter the OTP in the present textbox…to complete verification process.
  • Bingo! You are now ready to submit THREE team entries from your institute/college.
  • Visit:
  • Select Problem statement and Submit your concept.
How should we form a team?
  • A maximum of 3 teams per college/ institute can participate.
  • All team members should be from same college; no inter-college teams are allowed. However, members from different branches of the same college/ institute can form a team.
  • Each team would comprise of 6 members with at least 1 female member. An all-female team is perfect too!
  • All members MUST be well versed with programming skills.
  • Colleges must issue a letter on their letterhead stating the names of the team and team members.
  • The team leader’s name should be clearly specified in the letter.
  • Clearly communicate the email-ids and mobile numbers of all team members as well.
  • The letter should bear the seal of the college/ institute along with signature of the principal.
  • A scanned copy of this letter in PDF form is to be mandatorily submitted during online application process.
  • After teams are shortlisted, each team will be assigned 2 mentors from the industry to guide them during the hackathon; they will augment the team.
How do we submit our idea? Please note: Idea submission must be made by a designated staff member of the college/institute only.
  • Submission dates should be strictly followed. No exceptions will be made.
  • Participants should upload their submission on in a PDF file in the prescribed PPT format available on
  • After login, fill in all the required details for submission of the idea.
  • Entries to be sent only in the prescribed format; otherwise they are bound to get rejected.
  • Upload PDF file of the PPT in the prescribed format, stating the idea and letter from the college (as stated above) to complete the application process.
  • Team may upload a revised PDF file of the PPT for their ideas a day prior to the last day of idea submission. Requests for changes in the Ideas post the cut off date shall not be entertained. Teams will not be able to edit any team details once the team information is saved.
What is a selection criteria?
  • Evaluation criteria will include novelty of the idea, complexity, clarity and details in the prescribed format, feasibility, practicability, sustainability, scale of impact, user experience and potential for future work progression.
  • Preferences will be given to entries from North east while selecting between two similar ideas.
When/where will the shortlisted ideas be announced?
  • Notification about selected teams will be sent to their respective nodal center
  • Keep a track of all announcements and updates on
  • Be available for meetings and training during the preparation phase; will be notified in advance
General information regarding the Grand Finale
  • If a team is selected for the final Hackathon, members will need to travel to the assigned center which can be anywhere in India.
  • Selected teams will be allowed to have 2 seniors as mentors. Mentors can be professors/teachers/ experienced professionals from industry. On selection, total team size will be (6+2) excluding the one who promotes your team on the social media.
  • Each college/institute will be responsible for the travel and accommodation of their teams for the finale.
  • Each college/institute will issue a stamped photo ID to each member of the teams selected. The prescribed format will be available on
  • College photo ID is mandatory for participating in the finale.
What are the prizes to be won?
  • Prizes for the top winners under different categories are
  • 1st prize – Rs.1,00,000/-
  • 1st runner up – Rs.75,000/-
  • 2nd runner up – Rs.50,000/-
Miscellaneous Information
  • Intellectual property (IP) of the idea would belong to the college/institute and the team members jointly. However, team members will make their product available for free for the government institution for which they are working.
  • Selected ideas need to be further developed so that they can be productized before the government institution(s) will be able to utilize it; more efforts beyond the finale are required from the selected teams thereafter.
For any queries please contact:

TCS Open Source Hackathon - Decrypt the Real World!

TCS Has announced TCS Open Source Hackathon - Decrypt the Real World!, a platform to use open source technologies to solve real world challenges in

  1. Swatch Bharat: a portal with content related to education on hygiene, facts & figures, citizen services, links to appropriate authorities, including action taken report, etc.
  2. Education: bringing education to the lower strata of society / institution, digital consumption of education, identifying the gaps in education in India for authorities to take corrective action, etc.
  3. Environment & Health Safety: app to motivate employee to follow ergonomics or road safety, portal for measuring & analyzing environmental parameters, app for site safety inspection, app for water footprint calculator(with real and virtual water accounting), app for carbon footprint calculation, app to facilitate carpooling among a company’s associates etc.

Who can participate?

The contest is open to students from batches of 2017, 2018, 2019from all the relevant institutes in India. Students will need to register on TCS Campus Commune Portal for taking part in the contest. Each team should have 3 members.
Till when can I register?
Last date for team registration on Campus Commune is 27th Nov 2016. Select a theme and submit the details on features, novelty and how the application affects the stakeholders. Top 10 teams will be short-listed based on this round, across all zones, which will move to the Final Round.
What do I win and how does it help me?
Apart from prize money of INR 20K for winner and INR 10K for 1st runner up, all members of the winning teams at the Grand Finale will have an opportunity of an internship with the TCS Open Source Group and/or Environmental Sustainability, Health & Safety (ESHS) team. There would also be a special awards from Liferay including goodie bag and Kindles.
That means Goodies plus Internship plus prize money!!! Now isn’t that a #jackpot!!!
Still reading!! Hurry and register on the below link and remember early birds always catch the fish!!!
  • Students will need to Register on TCS Campus Commune/NexStep for taking part in the contest.
  • Each team should have 3 members.
  • Once contest registrations begin, all interested participants will be required to register for the contest on ‘Campus Commune’.
  • The team should choose a team name and the team leader.
  • During registration, the team leader should ‘Nominate’ self as the Team leader and also ‘Nominate’ his/her Team Members. It is the responsibility of the Team Members to ‘Accept’ the nomination/invitation.
  • In case a Team Member rejects a Nomination, the Team Leader will be able to send a new request to another registered member from the institute.
  • The team will be formed once all nominated members ‘Accept’ their nominations.
  • The team leader of each legitimate team will be our contact for any communication with respect to the contest, who in turn will be responsible for updating the respective team members.
  • The team can be from the same discipline or may be inter-disciplinary.
  • Teams have to be from the same college/ institute.
  • Team composition to remain same throughout the contest. Movement within teams is not allowed and will lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • The infrastructure expenses required for the development of the solution shall be borne by the respective teams or the institutions they represent. TCS will not be liable for any loss or possible damage to the infrastructure which may be caused by participants during the contest.
  • Entries submitted after the round/contest end date will not be considered for evaluation.
  • In the final stage of the contest, each selected team would need to demonstrate the final solution for addressing the chosen problem.
  • Teams are advised to make own arrangements for travel to and from the location of the Grand Finale at VJTI.
You fully indemnify and hold us (Tata Consultancy Services Limited) harmless for and against all damages, losses, and costs that might be caused by:
Your failure to comply with the terms of the above agreement
Third party claim(s) of their rights and IPR being violated/effected by your article(s) submitted to us.
Phase 1
Participant Registration & Team Formation

Please Note:
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Mon Nov 14 2016 16:00 Hrs
Ends: Sun Nov 27 2016 23:45 Hrs
Members per Team: 3
 This phase is now closed.

Phase 2
Please Note:
Round Type: Uploading Article
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Mon Nov 28 2016 00:00 Hrs
Ends: Wed Nov 30 2016 23:45 Hrs
Bounty Type: 500
Number to be Short-listed: 10
 This phase is now closed.
Qualification Round
  • Select a theme and submit the details on features, novelty and how the application affects the stakeholders.
  • Top 10 teams will be short-listed based on this round, across all zones, which will move to the Final Round (Round 2).
Team lead has to upload a submission for this round.
Acceptable File formats : .pptx
Maximum File Size: 9.0MB

Phase 3
Please Note:
Round Type: Other
All times are in (IST)
Starts: Fri Dec 23 2016 09:30 Hrs
Ends: Fri Dec 23 2016 15:30 Hrs
Bounty Type: 1000
Number to be Short-listed:
 This phase is closed.
Development Of Working Model And Presentation Grand Finale
The total duration to develop the working model will be around 3 weeks.
At the end of the fourth week, the teams will be required to submit the following:
  1. A crisp presentation of the idea & technical solution
  2. Demonstrable Solution
Subsequently, all the teams will be called in VJTI (date and venue to be announced) where each team will be required to demonstrate the proposition along with the demonstration of the application created to the Jury.
The Final round would include:
  • Demonstration of the solution : 15 minutes
- Teams shall bring all required supporting models, illustrations etc., to support the proposition
- Teams will be required to bring their own devices for the demonstration
- The solution should not deviate from the idea submitted in Round 1. Any team found to have deviated from the original idea submitted, will be disqualified
  • Q&A on business presentation: 10 minutes
The evaluations will be based on:
  • Originality
  • Technology Leverage
  • Impact
  • Practicality
  • Generalisability
  • Safety
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Timeline Feasibility
  • Acceptance

To register for the Contest:

CodeVita 2016 Round 2 Question: Mate In Two

Problem : Mate In Two


A Chess board position is accurately captured by Forsyth-Edwards notation and is abbreviated as FEN. A FEN "record" defines a particular game position, all in one line of text and using only the ASCII character set. A FEN record consists of six fields. A complete description of the FEN format to represent Chess positions can be found here

For the purpose of this problem, only consider first of the six fields of FEN. Before we describe the problem, let us look at how FEN maps to a board position. The following 5 images show board positions and its corresponding FEN representation.

                    Figure 1.

This board position depicts initial position before any side has made a move. In FEN format this board position is represented as


Let's say, White plays e4. Then the board position looks like shown below

                    Figure 2.

This board position depicts the Chess board after White has played e4. In FEN format this board position is represented as


Similarly, 3 more half-moves are depicted in following diagrams

Figure 3.Figure 4.Figure 5.

The FENs corresponding to Figure 3, 4 and 5 are represented as

           3. rnbqkbnr/pppp1ppp/8/4p3/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR
           4. rnbqkbnr/pppp1ppp/8/4p3/4PP2/8/PPPP2PP/RNBQKBNR
           5. rnbqkbnr/pppp1ppp/8/8/4Pp2/8/PPPP2PP/RNBQKBNR

Wikipedia describes first field of FEN format as follows

Piece placement (from white's perspective). Each rank is described, starting with rank 8 and ending with rank 1; within each rank, the contents of each square are described from file "a" through file "h". Following the Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN), each piece is identified by a single letter taken from the standard English names (pawn = "P", knight = "N", bishop = "B", rook = "R", queen = "Q" and king = "K").[1] White pieces are designated using upper-case letters ("PNBRQK") while black pieces use lowercase ("pnbrqk"). Empty squares are noted using digits 1 through 8 (the number of empty squares), and "/" separates ranks


Given a board position in FEN format, your task is to find out all move(s) that lead to a forced mate. White to play and win in 2 moves.

Input Format:
  1. First line contains single FEN record, which corresponds to a particular board position

Output Format:
  1. The output must be printed as follows
    1. A string in format by "< move format >-< move format >-< move format >", where first move is white move, second is black move and third is again a white move
    2. Where < move format > is move represented in format "fromSquaretoSquare"
  2. See Example section for better understanding of output format

  1. The board position will always be White to move and mate in 2
  2. Since we focus on only first part of the FEN, we are essentially ignoring possibility of Castling being a mating move. Hence our test cases don't contain FENs which give rise to such positions.
  3. There is no need to handle En Passant positions. There are no test cases involving En Passant moves.
  4. No need to implement pawn promotion rules. Our test cases do not contain positions which will lead to a pawn getting promoted and inflicting a mate.
  5. There is exactly one forced mating sequence in our test cases. So once a forced mating sequence is found, there is no need to process further.

Sample Input and Output





Board position for sample input 1: 

                    Figure 6.

Mate enforcing moves for input 1: 

                    Figure 7.

Board position for sample input 2:                           

                    Figure 8.
Mate enforcing moves for input 2: 

                    Figure 9.